860: Hystoria Shows


Obama’s incoherent Middle East / Moral panic in the 1980s / How to build a stadium / Politicians, not friends / Neoliberalism’s edge / Vaporware by gaslight.

859: Dissentery Shows


Handgun theology / Hungary’s border fence / #qorqmaymiz / The end of protest / Dissent in China and Japan / Against babies

858: NOXI Shows


Greek betrayal / Burmese dissent / Addiction is not a disease / Apocalypse soon / Entrepreneurial diplomacy training wheels

857: Demolitionism Shows


A guide to the Iran talks / Constructing structural inequality / The forever strike / Art in a capitalist showroom / ISIS in the Balkans / Good Cop rerun

856: Founder’s Fee Shows


Asia’s (is)land grabs / Wikileaking US involvement in Latin America / How the drug war became a war / Independence from America’s founders / Greek debt examined / Independence addition

855: Work Tomorrow Shows


Caste and capital / Obamacare’s failures / The urban austerity playbook / TPP victorious / The future of work and wage / TEDxIsrael

854: Detroitus Shows


Inside the dark net / The state of digital journalism / Toward the end of surveillance / Tourism and other crises / Detroit underwater / Reading racial fiction

853: Pillzone Shows


Free trade is a weapon / Inside America’s opium boom / Behind America’s poverty busts / Outside the United Nations / Solidarity from Greece / The Occidental Tourist

852: Rantarctic Shows


Exporting capitalism’s downsides / Polar collapse / Red Cross fails Haiti / Bullying in the workplace / De-tangling FIFA corruption / Human credit returns

851: Godsell Shows


Modern Christianity’s corporate roots / A political prisoner looks back / Sri Lankan land grabs / A warm beer across the Atlantic / #SayHerName fights police violence against Black women / A place to poop in Hyderabad

850: Fill in the Bank Shows


The politics of protest / What Western activists get wrong / Financial Interests 2016 / Brazilian social movements / Fossil fuels shape values / A moment of palace life

849: Seven Conversations About Race in America Shows


Full Show: Seven conversations in four hours from eleven years of discussions of race in America, featuring historians, radicals, academics, writers and economists.   Writer Larry Tye examines the lives and legacy of Pullman porters, from Reconstruction to Civil Rights movement leaders. (2004) Activist Larry Pinkney critiques the un-indentity politics behind President Obama’s election. (2008) Read more