829: Supply Chains Shows

Slavery jumpstarts American capitalism / Profiling Palestinian resistance / Walking away from war / Microbrew macroeconomics / PLUS: Fracking the public and Torturing Cheney logic

828: Más Kapital Shows


Islamic State’s modern rise / Post-capitalist progress / PLUS: Finding Ferguson in Brazil, Harvesting opium in Afghanistan, Third World First World problems and the Give/get conundrum.

827: Let’s Break a Deal Shows


Political corruption in public life / Private security carves up Detroit / Obama’s Trans-Pacific partners / The future of labor. PLUS: Militarizing Vermont, Deflating Ohio and Game of musical thrones

825: Jail House Lock Shows


ISIS vs WWI / Escaping America’s prisons / PLUS: Ebola wins a midterm election, Updating the envy docket, and What everyone else did wrong last Tuesday.

824: Brand of Outsiders Shows


Crosschecking the vote purge / Protecting police from accountability / Culture from the outside in / PLUS: Protests in Hungary, Sharia lawless in London and Stealing from the melting pot

823: Empire Strikes Shows


Stopping Hillary / Secret wars in public / Indigenous peoples’ history / PLUS: The net is still neutral, Talking Iran talks, Klinghoffer vs Ferguson

822: Harm to Table Shows


Outside White America / Behind abortion / Inside a slaughterhouse / PLUS: Mysterious banker deaths, IMF vs the World, and Degression therapy.

818: Žižek Shows


Philosopher Slavoj Zizek talks for an hour about basically everything from the failures of Western democracy to chocolate cake.