Saturday on This is Hell! Announcements



9:10 – Writer Chase Madar investigates America’s civic theology of arms-bearing.

Chase wrote the article Have Guns, Will Liberate in the latest issue of The Baffler.


10:05 – Our Man in Budapest, Todd Williams peeks over Hungary’s new border fence.

Todd will be talking about this fence along the Hungary / Serbia border.



10:35 – Journalist Sarah Kendzior explains how Uzbeks turned a hashtag against a dictatorship.

Sarah is author of the Foreign Policy article ‘We Are Not Afraid’ Inside an Uzbek Internet rebellion.



11:05 – Occupy co-founder Micah White examines social change beyond the end of protest.

Micah’s book The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution will be released in Spring 2016.


12:05 – Writer Brian Hioe reports on China’s growing environmental protest movement.

Brian wrote the New Bloom article How Could A Demonstration of 50,000 in Shanghai Not Be Reported in International Media?


12:45 – Jeff Dorchen apologizes insincerely for his out of context insensitivity.

Jeff posted something on Facebook about babies so obviously everyone is mad at him.