9 Circles! Wednesday: Vultures Are Circling Everywhere Nine Circles of Hell!

Syria’s “cruel human suffering,” Sudan’s “indiscriminate” bombing, Israel’s ‘vulture spy,’ Central African Republic rebels seize towns, UK “colluded” in murder of rights lawyer, Hong Kong’s housing bubble, eurozone recession “probably” at “lowest point,” fast-food pay disparity explosion, and whitey will finally be a minority.

9 Circles Monday!: Wars Running Cold and Hot Nine Circles of Hell!

Today’s Nine Circles of Hell! includes Cold War redux, Europe wants UK to allow prisoners to vote, Egypt’s military gets right to arrest civilians reinstated, sanctions create Iran recession, bank pays $327M for doing business with Iran, suicide bombers attack after US drone strikes, Kenyan separatists wage largest attack yet, and Hostess betrayed workers.

Episode #718: Podcast for December 8, 2012 Shows

John Vidal on climate change, Anne-christine d’Adesky describes the horrors in Haiti, Gray Brechin gets to the truth about post office problems, Ray McGovern talks Bradley Manning and Josh Holland on the nuttier aspects of the far right.

Irregular correspondents Susan Kang from New York City, Danny Muller’s in Gaza, and Jeff Dorchen delivers a Moment of Truth.