Website of the Week for July 26, 2008 Website of the Week From the site: “Since 2000, Google has recorded your search terms,the date-time of each search, the globally-unique ID in your cookie (itexpires in 2038), and your IP address. This information is available togovernments on request.” Created by an ex-Google employee and owned and operated by PublicInformation Research, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that also operates Read more

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live from (not) Dublin, Lyndall Stein is executive director of Concern, an “humanitarian organisation dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries.” Lyndall’s most recent writing includes her openDemocracy article, “Ethiopia: the tears and the rains.” live from Baghdad, journalist David Enders has Read more

Website of the Week for July 19, 2008 Website of the Week Big thanks to TIH irregular correspondent Kevin Harris for this one.A great new beta site (even if it’s play thing of ex-AOL execs likeSteve Case) that’s offering hundreds full length docummentaries like”Super Size Me” for free. And no registration… for now. And they makeit easy for you to spread ‘em around and plop them Read more

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Kai Wright is a Brooklyn writer and editor whose work focuses on the politics of sex, race, and health. He is author of “Drifting Toward Love: Black, Brown, Gay and Coming of Age on the Streets of New York” (Beacon Press). Kai’s most recent writing includes the American Prospect article, “America’s AIDS Apartheid: The domestic Read more

Website of the Week for July 12, 2008 Website of the Week If you have any interest in particle physics (and who doesn’t)here’s the best darn online particle physics magazine on Earth. It’spublised by Fermi Lab and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, andyet I still found it’s articles readable, dare I say… engaging. Gothere and learn the facts about that scary new large hadron collider.

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live from Islamabad, Graham Usher is a contributing editor of Middle East Report ( Graham is the author of “Dispatches from Palestine: The Rise and Fall of the Oslo Peace Process” (Pluto Press). His most recent writing includes “Pakistan Amidst the Storms” and “Getting Pakistan Wrong.” Adam Isacson is director of programs at the Center Read more

Website of the Week for July 5, 2008 Website of the Week A sweet little movie info site run by a small gang of Canadian filmjunkies, including a fellow alumnus of Sheridan College, where I got myanimation training a million years ago. The site offers podcasts,trailers, archives, and reviews featuring smart writing with a Canadianaccent.

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Pervez Hoodbhoy wrote the article, “Anti-Americanism in Pakistan and the Taliban Menace.” Pervez is chairman of the Department of Physics at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad. He is chairman of Mashal, a non-profit organization which publishes books in Urdu on women’s rights, education, environmental issues, philosophy, and modern thought. He is author of “Islam and Science: Read more